Micks Irish Pantry is a family owned and operated business.


We wanted to find a way to celebrate our Irish heritage and also provide a fun/enjoyable way to help support or families and each other. One of the owners isn’t blood-related, but we decided to make him part of the family anyway.


Three of the brothers are Veterans who have served in the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines, with two of them being disabled due to injuries sustained during their service overseas. So if our humor is a little bit off, we seem a bit “gung-ho”, or a tad more "off kilter" than everyone else, we may have a legitimate excuse to be excused.


As time progresses and we are able to build on the success of the “Snack Packs” additional products and options will be made available to our friends and extended family. Plans to provide a “Favorites Pack” is in the works, as well as traditional gift/pantry boxes.


Once the necessary capital has been raised, we will begin the process of opening a Specialty Food Store here in the Salt Lake area, and will also be working to realize a long time dream of opening an Irish Pub and Eatery. We have plans and the dream of expanding the restaurant and food store into additional states.

So welcome aboard, enjoy the ride, and we are glad to have you with us.